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Some tooth injuries don’t require immediate attention. An aching tooth, for example, while still a serious problem, doesn’t need to be seen by Dr. Faith Cousins the moment it starts hurting.

However, there are a few instances when you need immediate dental care if you want to keep your teeth in as good of shape as possible. Let’s look at what some of those instances are.

Knocked out teeth

If you have a tooth suddenly get knocked out (during contact sports, for example) then you need to come to Faith Cousins DDS as soon as possible. If you can, you should bring the tooth that was knocked out. Storing it in milk is a great way to keep it alive and clean until our team can assess whether or not the original tooth can go back into its socket.

Chipped teeth

If you chip or crack a tooth, you need to see our team as soon as possible. While it may not seem as serious as having a tooth knocked from its socket, a chipped or cracked tooth presents just as many problems. When a tooth is chipped or cracked, it puts your enamel at risk. Your enamel protects your teeth from cavities and other infections, so the sooner a chip is fixed, the smaller chance you have of getting an infection in your tooth.

This isn’t a comprehensive list of when you should visit Faith Cousins DDS for emergency dental treatment, but these are some of the most common reasons people seek immediate care.