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Are you aware of the benefits of receiving an oral health care restoration in the form of a tooth prosthetic? Numerous tooth prosthetics exist that are highly effective for improving your smile. This is because any smiles that are lacking teeth can become destabilized. This can lead to further damage including a weakened jawbone or tooth slippage. To prevent this from happening, consider a tooth replacement such as dentures.

To help restore lost functions that may have been hindered or impaired from missing teeth, denture replacements can prove to be highly beneficial. However, dentures do have to be removed on a daily basis to be cleaned. Always soak them in the denture-cleaning solution or plain water. Furthermore, never let them sit out as they can dry out and crack.  Be sure to handle them with care, so they are not broken. If your dentures do ever break, never try to fix them yourself, but rather consult your dentist.

Before inserting your dentures back into your mouth, make sure you rinse them off. Also, be sure to never use any abrasive cleaning products on them, including teeth whiteners including bleach, hot water, or other similar substances. As long as you continue to care for your dentures, they can provide you decades of support.

We are here to help rebuild and repair your smile. To schedule a denture prosthetic procedure at Faith Cousins DDS with Dr. Faith Cousins and our team at our dentist office in Silver Spring, Maryland, you can give us a call at 301-589-2714.