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When was your last dental checkup? If the answer was more than six months ago, then it’s time to make yourself an appointment! Your teeth and gum health are essential to monitor to prevent critical damage to your teeth and gums.

Our dentist, Dr. Faith Cousins, is excited to give your teeth and gums a checkup and evaluation. Furthermore, our team at Faith Cousins DDS in Silver Spring, Maryland, is eager to share with you reminders on why you should remember your dental checkups every six months.

Here are your reminders on why you should check in with your dentist semi-annually:

– Your dentist can look for tooth decay and repair the tooth if needed before they threaten to destroy your oral health.
– To fight off gum disease that could develop into tooth loss and cause even bone loss.
– Having a cleaner smile means your teeth can look whiter and more beautiful.
– Oral cancer screenings take place during every six-month checkup, so it could be caught as early as possible.
– The elimination of tartar can only be done by a professional dentist, and if ignored, tartar can usher in gum disease or threaten the life of a tooth.

Your dental checkups are important to keep your smile and teeth in tip-top shape throughout your lifetime. If you are interested in keeping up with your oral health and would like to schedule a dental checkup, please call us today at 301-589-2714 to make an appointment. Our dental team is happy to assist you.