Halitosis Abatement Requires a Clear Understanding of the Cause

Short-term bad breath from consuming pungent foods and beverages is rarely a cause for concern. In most cases, this can be remedied with a quick brush and floss as well as a rinse of antiseptic mouthwash. Chronic bad breath, which is known as halitosis, can be a much more serious problem. In some of these… Read more »

A Bridge Restoration Can Be Used to Replace a Previously Extracted Tooth

While it’s unfortunate, there are times when a tooth is so badly damaged, decayed or infected that it can’t be saved. In these extreme cases, your dentist, Dr. , might need to extract the tooth to alleviate the pain and prevent further complications. Once your gums have fully healed and any infection concerns have abated,… Read more »

Your Routine Dental Checkup Is Important for Maintaining A Healthy Mouth

The American Dental Association offers several recommendations for maintaining good, long-term oral health. This starts by brushing your teeth twice per day and flossing once each evening. Maintaining a healthy mouth also includes visiting your dentist, Dr. , twice a year for a routine dental checkup in , . The checkup starts with a thorough… Read more »

How to Respond in a Dental Emergency

Even if you keep up with your oral hygiene and visit our dental office at least twice a year for your routine checkups, accidents can happen. Knowing what to do in an emergency can mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth. Because of this, Dr. is happy to give tips for common dental… Read more »

Tooth Decay in Your Toddler

Did you know that you may be more likely to have cavities as you age? This is mostly because your teeth become more vulnerable to decay with age. There are many things you can do to keep your teeth healthy, but would you be surprised to learn that you should help your little one protect… Read more »

How to Get Your Kids Excited to Clean their Smiles

If your child has a hard time getting motivated to clean their smile, then our team has some tips for you! Oral hygiene is vital for your oral health. In fact, if you don’t clean your teeth on a regular basis, there is a chance you could suffer from tooth decay, gum disease, and other… Read more »

Multiple Knocked-Out Teeth Can Sometimes Be Replaced by a Dental Implant Bridge

Your teeth are held securely in their sockets by a series of incredibly strong periodontal ligaments. Unfortunately, there are rare instances when a severe blow to the face can carry so much force that it severs the ligaments and results in the loss of one or more teeth. When this happens, the teeth in question… Read more »

The More Sour the Treat, The More Destructive it is to your Teeth

Did you know candies are acidic? Did you know that even eating super acidic foods can do damage to your tooth enamel? Sadly, many of the most popular treats during the Halloween season can also be the most dangerous to your teeth and gums. Some can be so acidic they can actually change the pH… Read more »

When you need Immediate Dental Care

Some tooth injuries don’t require immediate attention. An aching tooth, for example, while still a serious problem, doesn’t need to be seen by Dr. the moment it starts hurting. However, there are a few instances when you need immediate dental care if you want to keep your teeth in as good of shape as possible…. Read more »

Ingredients in Mouthwash that Eliminate Bad Breath

There are three ingredients in mouthwash that kill bad breath, which is why many people rinse their mouths with mouthwash. Those important ingredients are: Antibacterial agents: Antibacterial agents are essential in mouthwash, especially because your mouth is the perfect place for bacteria to live and grow. Because your mouth is moist and warm, the bacteria… Read more »