A Temporary Dental Crown Requires Some Basic Care

A dental crown is often used to restore the enamel layer of a tooth suffering from a large cavity or dental fracture. The treatment plan typically involves preparing an abutment from the healthy internal structures of the tooth. While the dental crown is being created in a dental lab the abutment will need to be… Read more »

Your Dental Flossing Needs Work

Do you floss every day (great job!) but still find that you are not cleaning between your teeth as well as possible? Get the most out of your dental flossing habit by upgrading your techniques, upgrading your floss, and spending a little more time to perfect your flossing habits. When choosing a dental floss, look… Read more »

Denture Facts

Are you interested in replacing your missing teeth with dentures? If so, that is great news! Dentures are strong, reliable, and natural-looking appliances that can give you the enhanced and beautiful smile you desire. To help you know a little more about them, Dr. and our dental team are happy to share some denture facts… Read more »

Treat Your Smile Right with Teeth Whitening Treatments

Treat your smile right with teeth whitening treatments. Depending on the variety of tooth whitener you choose, you can vastly improve your smile and make your smile brighter and whiter than ever before. Listed below are the three most common forms of teeth whitening therapies you can choose from: – A professional whitening treatment done… Read more »

Did You Know That Bruxism Can Destroy Your Smile?

Did you know that bruxism can destroy your smile? Bruxism is a common oral health disorder commonly linked to teeth grinding. If a person grinds or clenches their teeth together while unconscious, they most likely suffer from bruxism. Fortunately, bruxism can be treated, often with a night guard or a bite plate. However, the first… Read more »

Not All Broken Smiles Have to Stay Broken.

Not all broken smiles have to stay broken. With dental implants, you can have natural-looking implants installed directly into your jawbone for a strong hold. A complete smile awaits with dental implants and their many remarkable benefits: – Dental implants can be customized and shaped to fit comfortably in the spaces left behind by missing… Read more »

How to Protect Your Teeth When You are Older

Did you know that you can lose teeth as you age? Have you heard that you should expect your teeth to weaken as you get older? Luckily, there are a number of things you can try, to keep your pearly whites strong as you age—and a few things that might weaken or damage your teeth…. Read more »

Tooth Discoloration: What You Should Know

You may understand that there are many things that can cause your teeth to become yellow. Some causes include inadequate oral care and even overexposure to fluoride. You may also understand that there are several solutions you can consider, including teeth whitening. However, do you know what you would do if your tooth turns black?… Read more »

Dental Bridges Are a Simple and Effective Tooth Restoration

If you have lost teeth, whether one or several, you know how inconvenient and uncomfortable it can make some parts of your life. It can disrupt your eating, so you can’t enjoy food as well as you used to. It can make speaking more difficult, and harder for others to understand you. It even changes… Read more »

Are You Caring for Your Child’s Oral Health?

Are you adequately caring for your child’s oral health? Because a child truly won’t be able to care for their own teeth until they are much older, it is the primary responsibility of their caregivers to ensure they are receiving the proper care they need. At around one year of age, the child should also… Read more »