Smile Therapy: Denture Prosthetics

Are you aware of the benefits of receiving an oral health care restoration in the form of a tooth prosthetic? Numerous tooth prosthetics exist that are highly effective for improving your smile. This is because any smiles that are lacking teeth can become destabilized. This can lead to further damage including a weakened jawbone or… Read more »

Choose the Teeth Whitening Treatment That Complements Your Tooth Stains

If you had a powerful microscope to look at your teeth, you would notice the tiny pores and textures that cover your tooth enamel. Though tiny, these pores can trap pigments from food and drink and cause staining deep in the tooth enamel. Whatever the severity of your tooth stains may be, our dentist and… Read more »

Do You Smoke? This is What It Can Do to the Smile

If you’re a smoker, your entire body is in danger. You probably already know that smoking increases your chances of having lung cancer and cardiovascular disease. But did you know that smoking can also severely affect and damage your mouth? Well, it’s true and our , Dr. , is happy to give you the details… Read more »

Fall in Love with Your Smile Thanks to Chewing Gum

  Always make sure you are doing everything you can to keep your teeth safe from the dangers of plaque buildup and harmful acids in your mouth. A successful solution for diminishing harmful acids in your mouth is by creating more saliva to help rinse it away. This is why chewing sugarless gum is so… Read more »

Early Detection of Oral Cancers Improves Treatment Success Rates

Every dental checkup performed at includes our dentist Dr. performing a comprehensive dental exam. This includes looking for signs of active cavities, developing gum disease, and other oral heath maladies. It also includes a basic screening to detect any early warning signs of oral or pharyngeal cancer. Detecting and diagnosing these serious oral health problems… Read more »

The Principles of Flossing

Even if you are a champion brusher and a connoisseur of mouthwashes, no amount of brushing and rinsing can clean between your teeth. But cleaning those areas is extremely important, since food particles and plaque can accumulate in between your teeth. If those substances aren’t removed, you will run the risk of tooth decay and… Read more »

Preventing and Treating Tooth Grinding Damage

Do you live a stressful life? This can affect on your body in a variety of ways. For some people, chronic stress can cause them to unconsciously grind their teeth at night while sleeping. This is called bruxism. Bruxism can apply undue force to the biting surfaces of your teeth and the temporomandibular joints that… Read more »

Choosing Oral Products

The time has come for you to replace your toothbrush or to buy new toothpaste. Going to the store to buy these products can be intimidating because there are so many options. There is often an entire shelf, or even wall, of dental product options. Which one should you choose? How do you know that… Read more »

Dental Implants Save Your Jaw

Did you know that dental implants can restore a missing tooth and renovate your smile–and last an entire lifetime? It’s true! Dental implants are a relatively new development in the field of dentistry (invented in the 1960s), and their durability and impressive quality has made them extremely popular. Dr. in , , is happy to… Read more »

Questions and Answers About Tooth-brushing

At , the most common piece of advice we give is to brush teeth twice per day for two minutes per session. (You likely wouldn’t have guessed that, would you?) Because we’re continuously reminding our patients to brush their teeth, we also get a fair number of questions about the correct method to brush teeth…. Read more »