Remember Your Dental Checkups

When was your last dental checkup? If the answer was more than six months ago, then it’s time to make yourself an appointment! Your teeth and gum health are essential to monitor to prevent critical damage to your teeth and gums. Our , Dr. , is excited to give your teeth and gums a checkup… Read more »

Water Flossing Facts

Have you heard about water flossing? If not, then you have come to the right blog! Water flossers are a new dental tool that can help your smile stay clean and fresh. Our , Dr. with in , , cares about your oral health, which is why we have provided you with this necessary information… Read more »

A Tooth Lost to a Severe Cavity Might Be Replaced by a Dental Bridge

Sometimes a contoured or deeply textured surface on a tooth can trap plaque and other bacterial deposits. Normally your routine dental checkup will catch these deposits and clear them away before a cavity can develop. If you have a bad habit of skipping these important appointments a severe case of tooth decay can develop deep… Read more »

Oral Health Outliers: Dental Damage

Did you know that several oral health risks arise due to incidents in your day-to-day life? Even though you may often be worried about cavities and tooth decay, one of the biggest issues lies in your everyday habits. Even a single blow to your face can destroy a lifetime’s worth of hard work and effort… Read more »

Should You Get a Composite Filling?

Not all of your teeth are designed to do the same thing. Your front teeth are designed for biting and tearing, while your back teeth are used for chewing. Because of that, your back teeth are stronger than the ones in the front, and can handle the pressure needed to do the job. Your front… Read more »

Revive Your Oral Health with Dental Erosion and Cavity Prevention

Keeping your smile safe includes always making sure that the necessary tests are done to help limit the effects of dental erosion. If dental erosion continues to occur, it will slowly bore holes into your teeth known as cavities. If you wish to prevent cavities, you must first prevent dental erosion from arising. Since there… Read more »

Better Smiles Begin with Better Toothbrushing Techniques

Several different toothbrush techniques exist to improve your oral health. As with all other issues, it is important to always focus on your brushing skills, so you can continue to receive the oral health you need to keep your teeth and gums safe. If your oral hygiene slacks, your oral health will suffer as well…. Read more »

Smile Therapy: Denture Prosthetics

Are you aware of the benefits of receiving an oral health care restoration in the form of a tooth prosthetic? Numerous tooth prosthetics exist that are highly effective for improving your smile. This is because any smiles that are lacking teeth can become destabilized. This can lead to further damage including a weakened jawbone or… Read more »

Choose the Teeth Whitening Treatment That Complements Your Tooth Stains

If you had a powerful microscope to look at your teeth, you would notice the tiny pores and textures that cover your tooth enamel. Though tiny, these pores can trap pigments from food and drink and cause staining deep in the tooth enamel. Whatever the severity of your tooth stains may be, our dentist and… Read more »

Do You Smoke? This is What It Can Do to the Smile

If you’re a smoker, your entire body is in danger. You probably already know that smoking increases your chances of having lung cancer and cardiovascular disease. But did you know that smoking can also severely affect and damage your mouth? Well, it’s true and our , Dr. , is happy to give you the details… Read more »