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Every dental checkup performed at Faith Cousins DDS includes our dentist Dr. Faith Cousins performing a comprehensive dental exam. This includes looking for signs of active cavities, developing gum disease, and other oral heath maladies.

It also includes a basic screening to detect any early warning signs of oral or pharyngeal cancer. Detecting and diagnosing these serious oral health problems early can significantly increase your long term treatment success rate.

The American Dental Association and the American Cancer Society note that the 5-year relative survival rate for a person with localized oral or pharyngeal cancer is 83%. This number drops to only 38% for patients with metastatic cancer.

If you experience symptoms of oral or pharyngeal cancer between your dental checkups you should not hesitate to set up a screening at Faith Cousins DDS.

Symptoms to watch out for might include a persistent pain in your mouth, which might also be associated with swelling or a lump in your cheek or gums. You should also be concerned about any red or white areas on your gums, tongue, or tonsils.

The early onset of pharyngeal cancer might also cause a lingering sore throat or a feeling like something is stuck at the back of your mouth.

If Dr. Faith Cousins has further concerns she might refer you to an oncologist to confirm diagnosis and begin treatment.

If you are in the Silver Spring, Maryland, area and you are have oral or pharyngeal cancer concerns, you should not delay in calling 301-589-2714 to set up an oral cancer screening at Faith Cousins DDS.