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Many people will, at one point in their life, likely need to have a tooth replaced. It might have been lost due to injury, or required extraction because of excessive decay. Regardless of why a tooth is lost, replacing it is important not only to restoring your smile, but to the overall health of your mouth. And getting a dental implant is one of the best ways to restore a lost tooth.

Dental implants are different from other common restorations. Instead of only replacing the superficial upper areas of a tooth, they replicate the entire lost structure from the root up. And they can last a lifetime.

The implant portion of a dental implant is a biocompatible titanium post that is inserted in the jaw bone. Over the course of a few weeks, the post is integrated by the bone, and it is firmly secured. It can then support or help support a variety of restorations for one or multiple teeth, from a single crown to a dental bridge to a full set of dentures.

Since dental implants are so reliant upon the jaw bone, having sufficient existing bone structure is essential. Dr. Faith Cousins will need to perform a thorough examination, and may recommend a bone graft if the jaw bone is found to be insufficient. Health is often more of a factor in whether a person can get implants than age.

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