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Are you aware of the potential benefits that dental bridge replacements can provide? A dental bridge is a standard tooth replacement service used to replace gaps in your smile caused by lost or missing teeth. If these areas are left untreated, various risks and infections can arise, which can greatly impact the quality of your smile. Your best option for optimum oral health is to fill in the void as soon as possible. Here is our advice on why dental bridges are beneficial:

– Dental bridges have a long shelf life and can easily last well over a decade of heavy use. With the proper maintenance and adequate care, they can last for the rest of your life.
– If the empty spaces left by missing teeth in your mouth are not addressed, they can easily become a home for bacteria and food residue to build up. Not only that, but they cause a lack of support that teeth provide to the gums, which can result in a loosening of your gums and can make other nearby teeth slip and slide out of position.
– Dental bridges can enhance your eating habits and remove any unnecessary eating restrictions that missing teeth can cause.
– Dental bridges can enhance your speech, especially if they replace your upper incisors.
– Missing teeth can result in your face looking older and sunken in, but with dental bridges, you can restore your facial structure and restore your smile.

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