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Sometimes a contoured or deeply textured surface on a tooth can trap plaque and other bacterial deposits. Normally your routine dental checkup will catch these deposits and clear them away before a cavity can develop. If you have a bad habit of skipping these important appointments a severe case of tooth decay can develop deep within the tooth.

In some of these cases the tooth and its root become so badly compromised or infected that our dentist, Dr. Faith Cousins, might advocate a total extraction to prevent a severe dental abscess. The last-resort treatment is intended help alleviate pain and prevent worsening complications.

Once your gums have healed and any areas of infection have cleared up our dentist might recommend restoring the missing tooth with a dental bridge.

This type of dental restoration that will need to be created from state-of-the-art dental materials to replicate the physical presence and function of the original tooth. It also incorporates an open dental crown on each end. Your dental bridge will eventually be secured onto abutments created from the healthy core structures of the two neighboring teeth.

When it is ready our dentist will secure it into place with a strong dental adhesive to complete the treatment process and restore the essential function of the once compromised tooth.

If you live in Silver Spring, Maryland, and you have a severely decayed tooth, you should not delay in calling 301-589-2714 to have it treated at Faith Cousins DDS.