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A dental crown is often used to restore the enamel layer of a tooth suffering from a large cavity or dental fracture. The treatment plan typically involves preparing an abutment from the healthy internal structures of the tooth.

While the dental crown is being created in a dental lab the abutment will need to be protected and preserved. To do this our dentist will often install a hard-plastic temporary crown.

It’s important to note that this small cap cannot fully replace the essential function of the treated tooth. If it is chipped, cracked or lost the abutment inside could be damaged, which could cause significant complications.

You should try not to chew gum or eat sticky foods on that side of your mouth as the suction could potentially pull the temporary crown loose. You should also avoid biting down on hard or crunchy foods as this could crack the temporary crown or traumatize the abutment.

Maintaining good oral hygiene habits and healthy gums can also help your dental crown to seat comfortably at the gumline. You should lightly brush the temporary crown each morning and night as well as remembering to gently floss around it least once per day.

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